Metallized Swedish Goggle
Metallized Swedish Goggle

Metallized Swedish Goggle

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The goggle for competitive swimmers--many will only wear Swedish goggles. Unlike any other goggle these have no gasketing--the goggle fits snugly into eye socket.

• Small, sleek high speed goggles with polished lens
• Metallized finish to reduce glare


• Thread nose string through the first lens using the small hole located at the side of the lens
• Slide the blue nose cover over both ends of the nose string
• Thread one end of the nose string through the remaining lens and tie with a knot
• By sliding the string, you should be able to hide the knot inside the blue nose cover
• To attach the rubber strap, push each end of the rubber strap through the opening on the edge of the lens
• Pull equal lengths through the lens hole, so that you can tie the strap in a knot
• The rubber strap now acts as a double headband
• If you find you need to tighten further you can untie the shorten up the length
• Once you reach a comfortable length you can cut off any extra of the rubber strap
• Some swimmers use a small section of the rubber strap in place of the nose string and blue nose cover
• Using about 1½ inches of the rubber strap thread the ends through the string holes
• The rubber strap will stay secure without having to tie a knot