Finis Zoomers Gold
Finis Zoomers Gold

Finis Zoomers Gold

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Zoomers are a unique swim fin that utilize patented short-fin technology to promote a shorter, faster kick. They are designed to provide the ideal amount of propulsion for perfecting the swimming kick and stroke, allowing for better form over longer periods of time. Because they have a smaller blade than traditional fins, Zoomers make the legs work harder without overloading the muscles. They help you avoid burnout and sustain an optimum workout level over a longer period.

The Zoomers patented fin blade is designed to compensate for various degrees of ankle flexibility, providing maximum propulsion. Zoomers make the legs work harder, but the smaller blade will not overload leg muscles, therefore a high level of intensity can be maintained for a longer period of time. The additional propulsion allows the arms to cycle faster, providing the opportunity to breathe more and increase the oxygen intake needed to sustain the effort of the leg muscles.  
Blue fins are for swimmers who don't swim every day, but are looking for a strength-training workout.