The Ultimate Swim-Cap Guide

Posted by Swimville USA on 7/7/2020 to Swimmers Lifestyle
The Ultimate Swim-Cap Guide

Whether you're looking for a swim cap to cut drag for competitive races or just something to protect your delicate locks from damaging chlorine or UV rays, there is most certainly a swim cap for you!

Swim caps have changed a lot since the 1800s when they were nothing more than a hairnet used to hold a swimmer's hair in place. But, over time as the world changed, so did the style of the swim caps on the market.

Read on to learn more about the swim cap styles on the market today to decide which style would be best for YOUR needs!

Latex or Silicone: How to Pick Your Perfect Match

When it comes to choosing the best material for swim caps, it helps to know the differences between latex and silicone so you know which swim cap to choose.

Latex caps are made of a thin layer of latex and are easy to customize for different uses. With proper care, they can last as long as silicone, but since they are made of thinner material they have a higher risk or ripping. Be conscious of any latex allergies should you choose to go this route.

Silicone caps are hypoallergenic, stretchy, and gentle on your hair. They aren't as tight and constricting as some other types of materials, and they are more comfortable than other swim caps. These caps can also come in different density options to streamline your swimming experience for optimal performance.

If you do experience any hair pulling while using your swim cap, you can put baby powder or talcum powder inside the cap when it's dry to make your experience more comfortable.

How to Pick the Right Cap Style

Are you on a swim team that requires matching swim caps for all teammates? Custom team caps are a great way to show unity and to make race day more exciting.

If you have a little more freedom with your swim cap selections, consider what style suits your aesthetic. Do you like a solid swim cap you can pair with your printed swimsuit? Or maybe you like a printed cap to show your personality as you speed along your lane.

If you're a serious racer where every bit of drag you can reduce makes a big difference, an elite cap with different silicone densities could be your best bet.

How to Care for Your Swim Cap

Once you've decided which style of swim cap works best for your needs, the key to keeping it in shape, and being able to use it for a long time is proper care.

  1. Rinse off your swim cap, inside and out, with fresh water every time you're finished swimming to remove harmful chemicals

  2. Dry off your cap, and store it in a cool, dry place

  3. Avoid storing your cap in sunlight, or direct heat as this can damage the materials

  4. Try not to store your cap with anything sharp, and it could tear the material

  5. Dust the inside of your cap with baby powder or talcum powder while in storage to help keep it dry and prevent the growth of bacteria

How to Get Your Swim Cap

Are you ready to get your swim cap? Order online today, or contact us for more information or to order matching swim caps for your whole team!