Swimville USA Kickboard (OPTIONAL)
Swimville USA Kickboard (OPTIONAL)

Swimville USA Kickboard (OPTIONAL)

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  • Total Comfort. Aqua-Cell Aquatic Training Accessories are the world's most comfortable! Soft & Non-abrasive, Aqua-Cell will not cause skin irritation problems such as chafing or scratching.
  • Sanitary! Aqua-Cell Aquatic Training Accessories will not allow the build up of mold, mildew or germ carrying bacteria commonly associated with other accessory brands. Simply wipe dry and clean.
  • Aqua-Cell Aquatic Training Accessories are custom molded, not die cut, resulting in a smooth, attractive finished look without unattractive glue lines, rough edges, seams, or unsightly fabrication marks!
  • Not vinyl coated or painted, Aqua-Cell color penetrates throughout the product and will not chip or flake like ordinary aquatic exercise products.
  • Aqua-Cell products are virtually unaffected by chlorinated water and ultra violet rays!
  • Brilliant Colors! Aqua-Cell products are available in a wide variety of exciting colors, making them attractive and versatile!