Speedo Power Paddle
Speedo Power Paddle

Speedo Power Paddle

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  • Blade shape mimics shape of hand to provide natural feel for stroke.
  • Paddle shape distributes increased force naturally over hand to create correct biomechanical stress on pull.
  • Holes allow water to channel through paddle increasing stroke fluidity and feel for water.
  • Adjustable TPR tubing straps reduces stress on hand for a more comfortable fit.
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Small | Blue | Height: 6.25" | Width: 5.75"
Medium | Red | Height: 7.5" | Width: 7.0"
Large | Yellow | Height: 8.0" | Width: 7.5"
Extra Large | Charcoal | Height: 8.75" | Width: 8.0"

Note: Height - Measure from the base of the palm to the tip of the middle finger | Width - Measure horizontally across the palm.