Arena Cobra Mirrored

Arena Cobra Mirrored

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These striking hydrodynamic racing goggles offer superior comfort, stability and fit. They are the choice of the champions.

  • Low profile 'mirror-coated' lens
  • Thin gasket (over moulded on lens) for perfect comfort and watertight seal
  • Side temples offer superior stability and hydrodynamics
  • Duel silicone adjustable strap for a secure race fit
  • Interchangeable (4 size) nose bridge for desired fit
  • UV protection
  • Anti-fog coating

  • Anti-fog goggles: These goggles have an internal coating on the lens which inhibits the formation of fog on the inside. This enables you to see more clearly throughout the duration of your swim session.

    Mirrored goggles: These goggles are especially suitable for swimming in bright conditions, such as outdoors. 

    These goggles offer protection for the eyes against harmful ultraviolet (UV) radiation from the Sun. If swimming outside, and especially in summer when the radiation is more intense, then it's advisable to choose goggles with UV protection.